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Modern Screen, August 1952

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i went through like 1 years worth of posts on candices friends tag trying to find this to completely and successfully solidify my status as official clifton webb but it wasnt there what the FUCK

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i, tumblr user cliftonwebb, own and control the clifton webb aesthetic please dont use it without my permission

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ive said this before but like the best thing about ppl who deeply and genuinely believe every actor in hollywood before 2001 was straight is that cary grants ghost could materialize in front of them and say “i totally sucked dick” and theyd still go nah

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the only one id want peggy olson to end up w is the lesbian life mag photographer who was in like 3 eps that one time

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im sorry to tell you this but…… **puts down stethoscope** all of your faves are queer. truly. all of them. read a book sometime

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remember when i bleached my hair nd my entire head felt like it was on fire bc of the hair dye nd i ended up w a fucked up result

sometimes i think yea im definitely letting my hair grow a lil longer from now on but then nah

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