Photoplay, August 1932

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Jean Arthur and Joel McCrea in The More the Merrier (1943)


what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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☯..::††~f☮ll☮w f☮r m☮re s☮ft j☮hnny~††::..☯

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#there he is

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I really want to do something about Ferguson but I live states away and have no money to fund anything. Do you know of any petitions or SOMETHING I can do, because I've tried my hardest to get the word out, we new to reach out to these people. I feel like we aren't doing enough there has to be something.


Okay there’s a lot of different posts with multiple links each on how to help and some of them overlap so I’m just gonna compile all the relevant links I can think of here:

Contact the Ferguson Police Department and seek information on those being detained, the protests, legal procedures, etc.

Ferguson Police Department
Email (taken off the site)
222 S. Florissant Road Ferguson, MO 63135
Ph: 314-522-3100 Fx: 314-524-5290

  • DO NOT reblog photos of Mike Brown’s body lying on the street. His family has requested that these photos not be spread around. Please respect their wishes.

Very importantly, stay alert. Read everything you can on the subject. The reports on The New York Times, Al Jazeera, and other news outlets are very limited, especially because the police in Ferguson are going to great lengths to keep reporters out. Seek out what you can online and from first hand sources, if you know anyone in the area. Listen to the stories of those who have been affected by this tragedy and other similar ones. Educate yourself as much as you possibly can so you can help make sure the right people are heard.

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Rest in Peace Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 – August 12, 2014)

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Photoplay, August 1932


yeah i admit i’m not exactly a practicing bisexual anymore…i pretty much only go to services on the high holidays…i slept in on freddie mercury’s birthday…i don’t even think i can name three david bowie albums anymore

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